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We do all our production and writing in MIG 7 Studio. Special thanks to Mihail Ilinov for his continuous support and friendship.

MIG 7 Studio

For production inquiries, please email at office [at] mig7studio [dot] com


Photos used on this website have been taken by the following photographers:

Viktoriya Vucheva

Claudia Helmert

Asen Kralev

LeMouseRat Photographie

Unholy Union

Nikola Koparov

Spas Genev

If you find a photo on this website and we accidentally didn't give you credit, please let us know at ophan.official [at] gmail [dot] com.


We would like to thank the PartyTr1pBr0s for their continuous support, which comes in various ways.


Special thanks to Stoyan Orsov & Desislav Guneshki for their continuous support and friendship. And also for posing with our merch.

...and special thanks to all the people who in any way supported us and helped us become who we are.